Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Last night, Andrew, Dave and I recorded at Andrew's new studio called "COMMON GROUND studios". We were working on adding orchestral harmonica, flute, glock, and percussion to a new song called "SOUNDS BETTER THAN IT SOUNDS".It is really coming along and I am convinced that it might be the best song on the new album.

I also did a demo of a new song called "INDIANA'S CALLING" which features my first foray into the world of drumkit! It was sloppy and poorly executed, but the kernel of an idea was captured. I also had the chance to prog it up by playing 5-string bass.

We recorded from 10pm until 4am. By the end of it all, I was delirious and full of Pepsi to the point of low level seizures. Andrew engineered the procedures and managed to lay down some vocals and percussion. He also played for us a demo of a new song that he has written about the blinker's time in Cologne Germany. It is super-sweet!


Mike said...

Please start posting some of the demos really soon! Any Ontario tourdates planned in the near future?

the heavy blinkers said...

Hey Mike,
By the way, you have an awesome BLOGsite! I will be putting some demos up starting next week. As for Ontario, we hope to be getting there again by late fall. thank you so very very much for visiting my blog.

bean said...

prog it up MORE!